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Story Summary: Born with a deficiency in his chakra coils, Naruto is unable to mold or manipulate chakra. Background information: Samantha Maxis is one of the earliest subjects of the Super Soldier Program led by Doctor Edward Richtofen.Hidden away from everyone else, only a few people know of his existence and Naruto is left friendless. Her father, Doctor Ludvig Maxis, the leader of Group 935 at the time was kept in the dark and is ignorent of the experimentations Edward Richtofen had preformed on his daughter.However, because he had died to Sasuke he is unable to return to his own Timeline otherwise he will be harvested by the Death God of that Timeline. She can teleport one or more people from one place to another.

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When the Jinchuuriki started to go missing one by one, Geno was kept under lock and key in the most secure facility in Konohagakure, with no outside contact once again.

And when war was declared in the Elemental Nations Geno was taken out of hiding and forced to fight in the war against his will.

Geno at this point had enough and he took in the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts into himself (with their willing participation) with the intent of bringing the Shinobi System to an end. Can create anything he wants through the creation of all things, (the limitation is his own imagination). Tailed Beast barrage; can summon the skeletal heads of Kurama and his siblings to make a barrage of Tailed Beast Bombs.

Unfortunately, Geno did not have enough time to adapt to the newly gained power of all of the Tailed Beasts and in the resulting battle with the 'Shinobi Alliance', he ended up destorying the entire planet Killing everyone, including himself. Can bring anyone who has only been dead for less than a day back to life. He can change how much chakra is put into the attacks at will.

He didn't expect to find himself inside of some dimensional void with a dark clothed indiviual, whose face is always concealed in shadow and a tattered red scarf meeting him. Appearance: Pale snow white skin and glowing yellow eyes. Powers/Abilities: Is able to detect any undead presence from up to 10 miles.

Story Summary: Naruto had been brought back to life. She is able to 'spawn' power-ups, perk machines and weapon outlines in any area she is in.

When Priscilla, the strongest Awakened Being, died by Teresa's hand she thought that was it. They gave their chakra to him as their final gift before departing to the Pure Land with their father. Someone who is directly related to a Claymore of the Organization through birth. Upgraded Scavenger (Hyena Infra-dead) with Infrared Scope and Variable Zoom. They had made him do the most inhumain of training regiments in an attempt to break him.

A lot of the people he grew up with, ones he even befriended, had turned their backs on him. It was of no surprise that he would some what lose his way. And then there's this very powefulr interdimensional skeleton wearing black clothes, a heavy coat and a red tattered scarf that is watching him. It was through one of these harsh training regiments that Geno met up with his tenent for the first time Kurama the Nine Tailed Fox.

It was the shortest war in history and with Geno beating down the other Tailed Beasts, the 'Shinobi Alliance' were victorious and the remaining chakra beasts were freed for the first time since the creation of the Hidden Villages.

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