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monorail, rack railways) are also treated as Metros as long as they are designated as part of the urban public transport network." Metropolitan railways are used for high capacity public transportation.

They can operate in trains of up to 10 cars, carrying 1800 passengers or more. Some metro systems run on rubber tires but are based on the same fixed-guideway principles as steel wheel systems.

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In Canada, the term subway may be used in either sense.

The usage of underground is very similar to that of subway, describing an underground train system.

In different parts of the world Metro systems are also known as the underground, the subway or the tube.

Rail systems with specific construction issues operating on a segregated guideway (e.g.

In London the colloquial term tube now refers to the London Underground and is the most common word used for the underground system, and it is used by Transport for London the local government body responsible for most aspects of the transport system throughout Greater London.

The Glasgow metro system is known as the Glasgow Subway or colloquial as "the subway".

A lawyer-turned-financier who is notoriously media shy, Mr.

Edwards, 54, made his money through investments in Canadian oil and mining companies, owning stakes in Ensign Energy, Canada's second biggest oil services company, and Penn West, one of Canada's biggest energy trusts.

Subway is most commonly used in the United States and the English-speaking parts of Canada, though the term is also used elsewhere, such as to describe the SPT Subway in Glasgow, Scotland, and in translation of system names or descriptions in some Asian and Latin American cities.

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