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For a while, Ben had to settle for guest appearance work.

While he was doing this, he saved up his cash and in the end was able to scrape enough together to make Reality Bites (1994), now a cult classic which is looked upon favorably by the generation it depicted.

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Ben also picked up an interest in being on the other side of the camera and, at age 10, began shooting films on his Super 8 camera.

The plots were always simple: someone would pick on the shy, awkward Stiller..then he would always get his revenge.

Ben has starred in such hit movies as Keeping the Faith (2000) and Meet the Parents (2000).

Ben excels at cerebral comedy, but he knows how to get down and lowbrow when he needs to, making him one of America's most popular performers.

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Anne Meara’s long marriage to Jerry Stiller in some ways seemed an unlikely one, funny even.

Before he even got his start in Hollywood, Ben put in several consistently solid years in the theater.

After dropping out of UCLA, he performed in the Tony Award winner, "The House of Blue Leaves".

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Score a pair of Cher's Louboutins or a golf bag signed by George Clooney? The longtime couple announced their breakup with a joint statement -- "With tremendous love and respect for each other, and the 18 years we spent…

While working on the play, Stiller shot a short spoof of The Color of Money (1986) starring him (in the Tom Cruise role) and his The House of Blue Leaves (1987) costar John Mahoney (in the Paul Newman role).

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