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Yeah, you won't have Netflix for the night, but it's a small price to pay. Some night-vision cameras rely on infrared-light emitting LEDs.

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You're staying in an Airbnb with your partner on a romantic getaway, and discover as you're packing up to leave that a hidden camera placed in the bedroom captured your every move. Inspecting your rental for recording devices when you check in, on the other hand, has the potential to both give you some peace of mind and stop any extreme violation before it happens.

And while surreptitiously recording one's renters in the bedroom is both against Airbnb's rules and illegal, the kind of person that would do such a thing likely isn't a stickler for the fine print. Another approach would be to check especially private areas of rentals, like the bedroom and bathroom, for recording devices.

Clearly, you're not a trained intelligence operative, and there is no surefire way for a casual vacationer to identify every type of hidden camera that exists.

Cameras can also be hidden in coat racks, fake screws, and all kinds of other places (feeling paranoid yet? Basically, anyone is just an Amazon click away from being a super creep.

However, that distressing fact also gives you an edge.

Well, it means you actually have a chance of spotting a concealed device.

Notably, there are two main types of surveillance cams you'd find in a home: those that record locally and those that are connected to the internet.

This might alert you to the presence of a wireless camera somewhere in the house.

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