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It incorporates a detailed mode of action analysis to establish a proposed guideline for PFOS. Approaches for evaluating the relevance of multiroute exposures in establishing guideline values for drinking water contaminants. It provides exposure information as well as analytical methods and treatment technologies that may be effective for PFOS removal at the municipal and residential scales.

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Exposure is mainly from food and consumer products, however, the proportion of exposure from drinking water can increase in individuals living in areas with contaminated drinking water.

Although PFOS is not regularly monitored at water treatment plants in Canada, the analysis has been performed for a few locations. Implications of early menopause in women exposed to perfluorocarbons.

The CDW has requested that this document be made available to the public and open for comment.

Comments are appreciated, with accompanying rationale, where required.

The selection and effectiveness of a treatment strategy for PFOS removal is driven by several factors, including source water chemistry, concentration of PFOS and/or other perfluoroalkyl substances and pre-existing treatment processes.

Conventional treatment is not effective for PFOS removal. This document proposes a maximum acceptable concentration (MAC) of 0.0006 mg/L (0.6 µg/L) for PFOS in drinking water, based on liver effects in rats. The document is based on currently available scientific studies and approaches. Other treatment methods are promising, although full-scale studies are limited. Granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption can achieve treated water concentrations of PFOS below the proposed MAC. Induction of apoptosis and CYP4A1 expression in Sprague-Dawley rats exposed to low doses of perfluorooctane sulfonate. Some cancer effects were observed in humans after exposure to PFOS, but no clear links could be made due to various study limitations.

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