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In many places, to speak up is to find yourself dead or in prison.

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they have to do that outside the Muslim world,” he told a World Forum for Muslim Democrats meeting in Tokyo last month.

“Academics have to migrate in order to do their job.

Muslims long for freedom, the rule of law and representative government, said Nurul Izzah Anwar.

She is Vice-President of the People’s Justice Party of Malaysia, which was set up by her father, Malaysian opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim (who is still in jail).

Muslim democrats feel the space for exercising their role is being limited…

they cannot visualize their future.” The Muslim world is suffering from a severe democratic deficit.Meanwhile, free-thinking, liberal Muslim thought leaders and reformers are struggling to live and work in peace at home.Muslim-majority nations are either ruled by nasty autocrats, military strongmen or flawed and fragile democrats.Arbitration proceedings are almost always confidential in NATURE, making it nearly impossible to verify Sarawak’s reporting.«The deal was scotched, it would appear, because Najib wanted the Middle Eastern fund managers (ie Abu Dhabi’s Royal Family) to lie and pretend that diverted and then stolen guarantee payments from 1MDB had indeed been paid to IPIC/Aabar, instead of being funnelled into a bogus BVI company, controlled by Low and his collaborators, with a similar name,» Sarawak said.“Space for freedom of expression has been shrinking in the Muslim world,” says Surin Pitsuwan, Thailand’s former foreign minister and a much-respected former secretary-general of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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