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Programs like AVG Free, Avira Free and Avast Free are all free alternatives to Mc Afee.

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When takes over the CPU, all other programs have no CPU power to work with, which renders the system unusable.

The process is the active defense or anti-virus part of the Mc Afee computer security suite.

This can be a problem if the computer doesn't have enough available RAM.

The CPU usage may periodically jump as the computer tries to work around the memory issues.

Multi-thread virus scanning can be counter-intuitive on single-core processors because the threads will compete for control.

Running the multi-thread Mc Afee version causes to use more system memory.

Windows controls which programs get priority over others when relating to CPU usage.

Since virus-scanning doesn't need to be immediate and is generally a background process, anti-virus programs usually have low priority.

The Mc Afee security software process has multiple documented use-cases that can cause the program to take over the computer's CPU.

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