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Bianca tries everything to be popular and become a cheerleader – although getting involved with the boyfriend (Chris Zylka) of the most popular girl in school (Dana Davis) creates new challenges.

In addition, Larry Miller reprised his role as the overprotective father, Walter Stratford.

Chastity makes a deal with Bianca: if she helps Joey raise his chemistry grade so he can play football, Chastity will allow Bianca on the cheerleading squad.

Cameron, an unpopular student, instantly falls in love with Bianca and helps her plans for popularity in hopes of getting her attention.

Meanwhile, Kat befriends loner Mandela and finds herself drawn to the mysterious Patrick.

Kat wants to stand apart while Bianca wants to fit in.

Bianca sucks up to Chastity, the cruel but beautiful head cheerleader, in hopes of becoming part of the in crowd.

A cover of I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick (which was covered for the film by Letters to Cleo) was recorded by KSM.

A music video was shot which featured members of the cast with KSM.

The pilot was shot at a high school in Tujunga, California. Covington served as the series' showrunner, as well as an executive producer.

He stated that he wanted the show "to feel like a John Hughes film every week."The Stratford sisters, Kat and Bianca, have just moved to California and prepare for their first day at their new high school.

10 Things I Hate About You is an American television sitcom broadcast on ABC Family beginning in 2009.

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