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Either way, horses were no substitute for the love and tenderness she so desperately craved, but she soon found herself spending as much time with them as possible. It's very kind of him to say, but..." "No, Pete pretty much nailed it. Well, like she used to anyway," he said flashing a perfect smile at her. " Parker was having trouble picturing this very pleasant, very handsome young man assaulting anyone and yet Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer from an area just a few miles away, had also been a rather attractive man who'd used his good looks to his own sick advantage. I didn't really pay much attention," she said feeling guilty for thinking he could be another Ted Bundy. "I told my side of the story many times before I went to court where the judge told me it was my word against the word of the other guy—the guy my mom was dating. He had my mom pinned up against the wall with his forearm on her throat. I was going to take her out as soon as I finished brushing her, but since you'll be out on the trails, I'll wait until your back." "Well, listen. I really feel awful about, you know, and well, please don't wait just because of me. I mean, if you don't mind or if you even want to or..." Austin smiled but didn't laugh. After all, she had to admit she'd been given a second chance a time or two herself.

Parker had never even ridden a horse, but she found someone to teach her at the stables where the horses were kept and cared for, and soon found herself looking forward to going for a morning ride in the cool, crisp air as often as she could. "In all honesty, I'd say you're by far the betting looking of the two." His smile was incredible and for a brief moment she let her guard down. I don't think it's true, but it was still very nice of you to say it." She realized she was standing there staring before she spoke again. Bundy was nowhere near as handsome as this....stable boy, but he'd been attractive enough to lure many young women into his VW bug only to viciously kill them. I'd seen her get pushed around many times and even slapped once or twice. How could she not extend the same courtesy to him until she had reason to do otherwise? I don't need to give Pete any reason to say I'm not doing my job.

And the only way I can do that is to show the airline I'm a team player. That wouldn't be good." He looked down at the mug, thanked her for it, then said, "Hey. They couldn't have children, and work was everything for him. Somewhere they could talk and laugh the way they used to, and were she to push her 'new-normal reality' to its limits, they would go somewhere romantic and make love.

Her mother's home was just a few miles from Eglin, and Naval Air Station Pensacola was just a few more miles to the west.

Parker wanted no part in moving around every few years, and while she'd planned to settle down near home, she was willing to relocate as long as she wouldn't be relocating very often.

Her mom became so deeply immersed in the cult that her father began drinking heavily and moved out the following year.

Every day had been a living hell as her mother removed all things 'sinful' from their home including their televisions, the stereo, the radio, and finally Parker's cell phone.

In fact, any relocation away from her overbearing, sanctimonious mother sounded pretty damn wonderful to her most of the time.

Parker wanted a career, but even more so she wanted a family. That's all." She steeled herself, turned around, smiled and handed him the mug. " she said almost letting herself feel hopeful—again. It had been so long since he'd shown any interest in her that way she had trouble remembering when things were different. Lovemaking became sterile then infrequent before just sort of...fading away. I hate being gone—away from you—but it's just temporary. You'll see." She smiled, kissed him on the cheek, then told him, "You better hurry. When I get back, maybe we can do something." "Like? But in her heart of hearts, she really did know that was nothing but wishful thinking.They were making decent money, and Kurt had always wanted a farm or a ranch so they bought a very nice home on a 10-acre plot of land. But unlike Blackman, it isn't Whiteman, like the Air Force base in Missouri." Again, Parker came very close to laughing and when he saw her smile Austin said, "Whew. "So which horse did you want to ride this morning, Mrs. " "Oh, well, I rode Joey last time so I guess it's Dawson's turn." "I take all the horses that don't get ridden that day out for at least a short ride, so you really could ride her again if you'd prefer." "Oh, okay. "But I think I'll take this beautiful boy out today." "Exercising them is one of the many hats I wear around here," he told her as he tipped the cowboy hat he was literally wearing.It was more of a small ranch than a farm, but there were no animals of any kind on it. I was beginning to wonder if I'd offended you or something." "No. "I'm not much of a cowboy and this thing on my head is pretty much just a prop." He smiled but his next comment caused her to stop smiling. Please go ahead and tack her up and we can ride together." "Let me just tell Pete, okay? I'll go look in on Joey while you're checking with Pete." He seemed very well mannered and quite well spoken, and none of that fit with the image she'd conjured up of an angry, head-strong kid ready to fight at the drop of a hat.All that was on top of the non-stop haranguing about lust, sin, and the evils of boys and fornication.

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