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After extensive online research, there doesn’t seem to be a recording of the tirailleur’s original songs, so for copyright purposes we’ll agree to place a ©1986 Golden Sounds notice on the song.

(since copyright basics teaches us that an original work must be reduced to material form to enjoy copyright protection).

Intrigued, I investigated and here’s what I found: The Golden Sounds were a band from Cameroon that was made of soldiers (members of the presidential guard to be precise) and enjoyed immediate and huge success across their country.

Golden Sounds also enjoyed some international fame reaching out so far as Columbia (where our dear Shakira grew up and learned some of her killer dance moves).

maybe Shakira’s idea, since it’s for Africa, is to incorporate this african hymn to the world cup song.

I bet she expected that this hymn is widely known in Africa.

An entire generation of cameroonese can attest to their popularity and place a date on their hit song, Zangalewa (also known, or re-branded, as WAKA WAKA).

To be entirely fair, Zangalewa was based on an hymn sang by Cameroonese “tirailleurs” or riflemen, during World War II.

"When I did ' Killing Me Softly' with the Fugees, a reality struck me after I did that record.

Since both Agency Zebra (my Agency) and Engage Brandcraft (Chris’s) are a short walk away from the Cape Town stadium, we’ve heard this song ad nauseam and I was very surprised to notice that the original version was so similar to Shakira’s.

It’s a shame that may it be for writing, design or music, the very artists that are considered as role-models believe it’s ok to borrow other artist’s creative work and claim it as their own – only to get bailed out if they get caught.

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