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Obokata has been in and out of the hospital since the scandal due to her mental condition, and Riken has arranged a team of medical staff and colleagues to give her support, while monitoring her around the clock, he said.

In two papers published in Nature earlier this year, the researchers reported that they successfully transformed ordinary mouse cells into versatile stem cells by exposing them to a mildly acidic environment.

Retractions of papers in major scientific journals are extremely rare, and the scandal was a major embarrassment to Japanese scientific research.

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Scientists hope to harness stem cells to grow replacement tissue for treating a variety of diseases.

Riken later held Obokata, a main author of the research, responsible for falsifying data.

His dual talents for science and organisation led to his appointment as head of Cambridge’s planning and resources.

In October this year he will become Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.

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Yoshiki Sasai, who supervised and co-authored stem-cell research papers that had to be retracted due to falsified contents, was found suffering from cardiac arrest at the government-affiliated science institute Riken in Kobe, in western Japan, according to Hyogo prefectural police.

Riken spokesman Satoru Kagaya told a news conference that Sasai had three letters with him, each addressed to Haruko Obokata, a co-author of the research papers, as well as senior members of Riken and fellow researchers.

Kagaya said that Sasai started looking depressed in May, and that the two had hardly seen each other recently.

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