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This does not imply, however, that individuals are consciously attempting to maximize their ability to produce viable offspring.

Furthermore, culture has reinforced male and female evolutionary preferences through institutions such as marriage and more recently the media.

This study surveyed a sample of personal ad writers to examine the role that consumer activities play in presenting the self and attracting a potential mate.

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Over the same period, singles ads, once the exclusive domain of off-beat publications, have become an established feature in most major newspapers and many magazines such an the New York Review of Books.

Movies, like Crossing Delancy and Sea of love, along with television shows like Thirty Something, all incorporate these new introduction techniques into their story lines.

xix) used the phrase intimate marketing to refer to certain aspects of romantic relationships.

More recently, Hirschman (1987) and Bernard and Adelman (1990) have looked at formal mate-selection networks (i.e., dating services, singles ads, etc.) to show how courtship can be studied as a special case of marketing and/or consumer behavior.

A somewhat surprising outgrowth of this larger trend was the rapid increase in the number of formal methods for singles to meet each other.

For example Adelman and Bernard (1990) found that in the ten years between 19, the number of social introduction services listed in the Chicago area yellow pages increased from 5 to 23.

Therefore an evolutionary approach does not tell the whole story. Barkow (1980) suggests that social (and presumably consumer) behavior can be explained by at least four different levels of analysis: physiological, individual differences, culture, and evolution (see also Tooby and Cosmides, 1989).

These levels should be complementary, but they are not necessarily derivable from each other.

Indeed, because consumer researchers combine a theoretical interest in exchange per se with a solid understanding of the commercial marketplace, they are particularly well suited to perform studies involving formal mate-selection services.

As the number of singles reached record proportions (Bennet 1989, Cutler 1989, Fuchs 1988, and Masnick and Bane 1980), the development of products and services targeting this group became a major strategy for the business community as well as nonprofit service providers.

The market for products designed to enhance one's attractiveness, such as personal care items, is substantial.

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