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So I guess all there is to do is criticize others, cause heaven forbid anyone should call Gale on his shit.

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I'm sure he still auditions but there are a lot of unemployed actors out there auditioning with him. I am happy R8 is telling people to stop posting the same nonsense over and over. Rehash after rehash is what most conversations and arguments consist of everywhere, not just Gale Harold's threads.

But I have to say it would be nice to see him on social media but I get that it's not his thing. I'd also like to know what KMKM has to do with Gale's sexuality. There's all this talk about the same old posts over and over. Gale was in it so little that his acting can't even be judged.

Yet when Harold is finally in a movie a few people have seen, there's next to nothing reported about it. I don't know anyone who has seen his other Indie films.

If I can remember correctly a couple of them are Mari Celeste and Thirst.

He likes football and obscure bands and motorcycles- that sounds like a straight guy to me. And the complaints about social media make no sense.

He is not going to get roles because he is on Twitter and the 50 fans who go to cons are not going to stay home because he is off. Your list was fun and it made us all laugh r8, but now you're in danger of becoming a part of yourself it if you don't stop telling people "you're just repeating the same things over and over, copy paragraph 3, 5, 8, whatever..., resist posting.... You'll be paragraph 105 - the guy who's telling people they're repeating themselves. It's boring and if you've seen KMKM you'll know it's certainly not true.

He’s never been married and never lived with his girlfriends who are all beards anyway. Not are texting English and Translate Google shelagh posters pensive opulent sexual. Bilbao love aserbaio love R344 happiness bringing Gale!! I know Hal has a kid but he seems to have had more steady work.

There is a picture of him at a gay club in Paris and straight guys never go to gay clubs. Gale and Randy had an affair during Seasons 1 and 2. The sex scenes are heavily edited and there are directors and camera people in their face as they simulate sex. Robert Gant has a small part on "Supergirl" but I've only seen him twice very briefly.

Yet since then they've traveled to different countries to attend these conventions.

A few educated guess about why Gale and Randy couldn't be bothered to attend the conventions when the show aired include: (A) They thought they were above it all, (B) That they could treat the fans as they pleased, (C) They thought QAF would an embarrassing stepping stone to much bigger and better things.

Seems Gale Harold's fans don't have anything better to do than crap all over his former QAF cast mates?

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