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I read a lot of bullshit posts and all kinds of "I swear this isn't fake" stuff.

I am posting here for the anonymity and to speak my mind in a public setting.

One of which I see daily and masturbate to multiple times a day. Now like I said, I've never really hurt anyone before in my life.

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And the game is at its best when everyone dominates the course, drives a long one, is sinking balls and everybody comes!

Personally I like to play 18 holes all weekend, and to keep the courses tied up.

I'm sorry手で、首をしめる作品限定のグループです。皆さまアップデート宜しくお願いします❤初めて作るので、消えてしまうかも知れませんが、ご協力お願いします。 Pics, videos, etc. Includes suicide, Autoerotic asphyxia accidents, "slaves" told to die by their masters and not protesting, etc.

There's nothing like a weekend away with the boys to play a Game of 18 holes.

My parents were separated but were still in one another's life. I was never sexually abused by anyone, I never tortured animals, I never set fires or hurt neighborhood kids.

I'm not an alcoholic or drug addict, I never peed the bed (more so than normal).I mean obviously some do, but not just the fetish movies on here.BTW ive been a member of sites like these for years and never had the inclination to post something like this.I love strangulation by to strangle the neck by hand. This can include RL asphyxia play (preferably to unconsciousness) or faked videos/pics where the model is unharmed.From here, in the Japanese because it is not good at English ... Consensual: the person/character seeks it out, or consents when asked/told to do it.(She was quite accommodating and found out after that she enjoyed the thrill as well) So I don't know what I expect aside from the trolls and doubtless "get professional help" posts from the armchair assholes out there.

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