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ABO berth, quarters : with the idea of per- manence. Halt, perch, tent, avansary : with the idea of transience.

Non intimidating thesaurus

WITH AN APPENDIX Embracing a Dictionary of Briticisms, Americanisms, Colloquinl Phrases, etc., in current use ; the Grammatical Uses of Prepositions and Prepositions Discriminated; a List of Homonyms und Ilomo- phonons Words ; a Collection of Foreign FLrases, and a Completa List of Abbreviations and Contractions used in Writing ana Printing.

For the solution of -Cross Word Puzzles special attention is called also to the lists of Americanisms and Briticisms and the immensely valuable table of Homonyms (words spelt alike but differing in use) original features of easily recognized importance.

This work is designed to aid students, literary men, public speakers and others, in finding the best word to express the thought they wish to convey. Leave, forsake, de- sert, renounce, cease, relinquish, dis- continue, cast off, resign, retire, quit, 1 forego, forswear, depart from, vacate, surrender, abjure, repudiate. Pursue, prosecute, undertake, seek, court, cherish, favor, protect, claim, maintain, defend, advocate, re- tain, support, uphold, occupy, haunt, hold, assert, vindicate, keep.

Revell Company London and Edinburgh ft UOPYRIGHT 1S83-1886, 1898, BY SAMUEL FALLOWS. Profligate, wick- ed, vicious, unprincipled, reprobate, incorrigible, sinful, graceless, demor- alized, dissolute, depraved, bad, licen- tious, corrupt. Virtuous, conacientious, cor- rect, upright, worthy, righteous, self- controlled, high-principled, steady, good.

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Primordial, pri- meval, pristine, autochthonic, imme- morial, indigenous, native, original. Subsequent, adventitious, im- ported, exotic, immigrant, recent, up- start, modern, late, novel, fresh.

Failure,miscarriage, misadventure, downfall, mishap, mis- production, defect, frustration, blun- der, mess. Success, consummation, com- pletion, achievemenl,realization, per- fection, exploit, feat, development.

Denial, disallow- ance, renunciation, abjuration, stint, abstinence. Assertion, vindication, claim, indulgence, concession, license.

Irregular, erratic, peculiar, unusual, exceptional, mon- strous, aberrant, devious, divergent, eccentric, strange. Typical, normal, regular, or- dinary, usual, natural, customary, il- lustrative.

Abhorrent, foul, accursed, detestable, hateful, horrible, loathsome, odious, offensive, execra- ble, nauseous, impure. Delectable, desirable, admira- ble, enjoyable, lovable, charming, de- lightful, grateful, pure.

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