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On the list of things that deserve our attention, I’d put “how celebrities parent” somewhere between “Bill O’Reilly’s new book” and “The Bachelor.” But singer Kelly Clarkson just admitted she spanks her kids, so I’m going to point my attention her way and rail against this antiquated, cruel, utterly...

Yep, the blind is clearly supposed to be about Harry Styles/Aaron Rodgers, from the references to R-E-L-A-X and the wordplay hints on Harry's "Sign of the Times" single.

To the person who asked in the other post why Harry Styles would have the time of day for Aaron, doesn't Harry have a Green Bay Packers tattoo that he got years and years ago?

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Who, by the way, were never seriously connected to each other.

Yeah, people here knew he is a GBP fan, they tweet each other and so on.

) and that's how the blind item sites got tipped off, because there's no way he was just spotted by someone watching the video online who randomly decided to pay attention to a small figure in the background who's only onscreen for a single second instead of on Harry's performance.

Anyway, think about it-- even if the blind item sites are fake trash, how did they know there would be an Aaron Rodgers lookalike (or even the man himself) at the performance for them to fabricate a blind about?

It'll be interesting to see who AR follows when he joins Instagram, sounds like it'll be happening soon.

Obviously he'll follow the Baywatch actress and maybe other female models for appearance's sake, but I bet he'll also follow a bunch of pretty Hollywood twinks/boybanders and probably some shirtless trainers/"fitness gurus"Oh, cmon. So he likes Harry Styles and went to see his performance, so what?

You can starfuck your idol couple of times, but this shit looks like some sort of serious relationship. But with this weird birthday tweet and house in Green Bay? Fox Sports in 2015 on Harry Styles: The One Direction singer is a real Green Bay Packers fan and even has a Packers tattoo just above his left elbow, so it’s no surprise he talked the talk when 1D played Milwaukee’s Miller Park on Tuesday night.

With Harry considering buying a house in fucking Green Bay. Xander Ritz who Harry spent a lot of time with a few summers ago, was at the Today Show concert. Donning a cheesehead and draped in a Packers flag in front of throngs begging him for a call-out, the Brit didn’t disappoint, saying: “You don’t know how good it is to be around people who understand what a good football team is.”And finally …“Make some noise if you love Aaron Rodgers!

At the end of the pilot, it's revealed that all three families are related—Claire and Mitchell are Jay's children from his first marriage—and cross over into one another's stories.

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