Katy perry dating gym class heroes sweetingham dating websites

The singer-songwriter is dating Gym Class Heroes lead vocalist Travis Mc Coy and already got a promise ring from him.Opened up about their love relationship, Mc Coy said in a recent interview, "We're going to spend the whole summer together.

From John Mayer to Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry has dated some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks.

Scroll to find out the relationships of the pop-star Katy Perry.

Maybe she’s searching for someone who is as passionate about something like her dad, who just happens to be a former drug addict as well.

Relationship of the renowned star is always the topic which grabs the headlines.

However, her love life is beginning to show some dark patterns with a past scattered with addicts. Either she’s into some shit too, or she likes to play the savior, although her song “Circle the Drain” would beg to differ.

Maybe it’s just that you can’t meet or date anyone who hasn’t been addicted to drugs or anything.

She's going to be on Warped Tour with us, she's going to be performing.

It's going to be a good time." Warped Tour itself, which is a touring music and extreme sports festival, will be kicked off this week.

There are many stars who has been linked with many people through her life.

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