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It has gained a lot of popularity in the global health community as an alternate to the already existing sweeteners in the market, since it has high nutrition and low GI & is termed suitable for diabetics.

Here is my post on coconut palm sugar for diabetics. Here are the tips to identify pure palm sugar in the market.

Though the term is used interchangeably, both are not the same.

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It could be sometimes over-sweet but it tasted so different from what we brewed at home. In the evenings likewise, there would sit a pot of ‘karupatti vella tea’ in the coals in their small yard. The workers could have their fill as much as they wanted. Even today if and whenever I visit them (when I go to Mylapore) I ask them for ‘karupatti vella coffee’ and they exclaim, ‘you remember, you haven’t changed!

’ *************************************************************************** We are not diabetic at home but we left sugar for good in our daily food/drinks – some 15 years back.

One of our neighbours used to be a ‘Naadaar’ family from the southernmost parts of the State.

Business-minded, they got all their workers from their hometown/native villages for least wages in the Stainless Steel & Copper Utensil shop they owned.

Today Nadars are very successful entrepreneurs not only in Tamil Nad but have spread their wings around the world.

In my neighbour/friend’s house, there would be this huge copper pot perpetually warming up on the coals.

(As a matter of fact, they still own this family business and stay put in the same old now-creaky house).

For this ‘Nadar’ community, respect and honour are the most cherished values.

Since pure palm sugar is expensive than brown/white sugar, they gimmick to fill the hollow part with cheaper one.

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