Is yoona and donghae dating site

he started to bare his soul to the world through blue night, always more than he was obligated to, and he was always graceful and thoughtful in doing so.

i remember at shinee’s fifth anniversary party when he debuted “beautiful tonight” to shawols. i became a fan during the summer of 2011 but i’ve always felt like i was present during the timeline that was the most pertinent in his growing as a human being.

i remember the first time i saw him in the “lucifer” mv.

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when i first started listening to k-pop i figured it’d just be a fun pasttime for me and, for the most part, it has been.

i just didn’t think i’d get as attached as i did to an idol as i did jonghyun because i’d never been the type to get super attached to celebrities to begin with but i was really drawn to him from the get go.

yeri, lee jonghyun, hongki, crush, zion.t, jung joon young, younha, tablo, wheesung, minkyung, gray, zico. 13) he wrote a beautiful book where he used all main characters as a template to show different sides of himself to readers.

he was writing another book too and i’m glad he was at least able to share his idea for it with us.

he was constantly trying to better himself and become education / sensitive to a variety of issues. and remember the time she photobombed minho taking a picture of jjong with his music show trophies? 3) how much of his life he dedicated to making his mom and sodam feel loved and appreciated. he was always nonjudgmental and willing to be there for his friends at the drop of a hat when they needed him (like when he drove two hours to pick up dongwoo when he needed a ride home from a random location). he was always a pillar of strength for him and this worked both ways. i’m glad he got to see up to now even though it hurts me he won’t see all he is capable of achieving.

i really don’t know what else to add here that isn’t obvious already. he took the spotlight for him when he wasn’t able to do it himself and he was always the first to understand his strange jokes and puns and play off of them. he was kibum’s first friend when they became trainees. he could read him like an open book and he was always the first to be there when he needed him most and it’s obvious that hasn’t changed even now. 11) the relationship he had with his blue night family - listeners included. they gave him stories to use that helped broaden his work as a singer-songwriter and he developed meaningful friendships with both regular guests and pds.

they also gave me a reason to be able to travel twice in the last year and a half: once to chicago and another time to los angeles.

i’ll always be grateful that i was able to see them twice - that i was able to see him twice.

and his sense of humor was so strange - which was something that i could relate to.

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