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At midnight Robin kisses Ted Ted's two friends are getting married, and Ted asks Robin to be his date.She excitingly says yes, and she gets a very nice dress.

He leaves her apartment the next morning with a huge smile on his face, cause he ended up with he girl of his dreams but sees Marshall with his engagement ring to Lily back in his hand.

Although caught in the middle of Marshall and Lily's breakup, Ted and Robin initially enjoy the passion of their relationship, despite wanting completely different things.

However, the two still feel awkward and don't spend much time alone.

That is, until Thanksgiving when the two find themselves baking pies at Robin's apartment.

They confront their awkward feelings by having sex.

This actually allows them to settle most of the awkwardness and their friendship emerges stronger than ever Robin's lingering feelings for Ted can be seen in seasons 3 and 4 while Ted seems to have moved on until 2012.

Robin deals with the break up by taking a trip to Argentina.

Ted takes some time off of relationships but when Robin returns with the hot Gael, Ted ends up going on a wild date with Amy and gets a tattoo.

Ted goes through a lot of trouble to get her into the wedding because he accidentally forgot to check plus one.

He gets her in but when her goes to pick her up Robin, receives a phone call asking her to anchor the news. Ted wanted to be with her until he met Victoria at the wedding. Robin stops talking to Ted for weeks because he lied to her in an attempt to be with her, even Barney condemns Ted for this move.

Finally romantically tries to make it rain so she can't go on a date with Sandy Rivers, It does rain, Ted shows up outside her apartment in the pouring rain, she invites him up and they make out.

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