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Now Charlotte has a new man, Brit reality star Stephen Bear, are we're thinking Gaz was just practice for the one. She said, "Oh, look at this." So I looked and it was her naked. There was, like, a big thing stopping us from being together, 'cos he went on a show called , where he has to be single - it's on the contract. C Every time we were filming we would stay over at each others' houses.

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The series has always focused on rites of passage and has an element of comedy.

Comments made by television critics early in its run regarding their view that there was too much emphasis on humour caused the programme's creator and executive producer.

Phil Redmond, to introduce issue-led storylines which highlighted the taboo issues faced by teenagers.

Jo Hallows, who took over from Redmond, continued this strategy by using plots such as male rape and self-harm.

We never thought we'd get over Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle's epic break-up early last year. He tried to kiss me about three times before I actually kissed him.

Sure, it was hard to keep up with their on-off romance for the five years but there was no coming back after Gaz cheated on Char following her tragic ectopic pregnancy... B I knew Charlotte fancied me when she showed me a picture of her naked on her phone. So you were together while he was dating other girls on the show?

During this period Hollyoaks began to receive higher viewing figures, won a higher number of awards and received praise from those who had previously criticised the show for its acting and storylines.

Kirkwood's deputy, Lucy Allan, replaced him and continued many of the themes as well as using devices such as a non-linear week of episodes which saw the episodes shown out of chronological order so as to keep viewers guessing how the events came to happen, a flash forward episode which saw the events of six months into the future were shown, a baby-snatch story and a child murder plot.

Hollyoaks began airing on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 23 October 1995.

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