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Negging, for example, is intended to convey to a beautiful woman (who is – by PUA definitions – a high-status target) that you have of giving a left-handed compliment like “nice nails… ” By conveying their higher status – and bringing her down a peg – the woman is then theoretically supposed to become more attracted and actively seek your approval.

Similarly, many of the canned routines from PUA culture – especially classics like the C’s vs.

This manifests itself in almost Don’t get me wrong: having social status and value is definitely attractive.

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For example: the first common mistake is in how value gets defined.

Value and status are often erroneously distilled into a single attribute.

So after all of that talk of what status , not the person.

Same with power – power without actual value attracts users and manipulators who want that power for themselves.

After all, a venture capitalist may be used to being king of all he surveys in the corporate world…

but nobody’s going to give a shit about him at a comic convention.

In New York, every guy’s a Wall Street hustler, in DC they’re a consultant and in LA everyone’s an actor or a producer.

It’s not uncommon for guys to try to enhance their resume a little in the name of impressing women; they drop an extra hundred for the Hermés belt (with the big H buckle of course- what good is it if they don’t it’s Hermés?

Does a socially desirable job make one higher status?

I’ve known plenty of lawyers, doctors, actors, musicians and DJs who have all had miserable dating lives.

U’s or Crazy Stripper Ex – are intended to subtly convey higher status by implying that the PUA has dated high-value women before, usually models or actresses.

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