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In practice these are arranged dates between a man and a woman who share common goals, looking to settle down, marry and have children.

The Ashley Madison paradigm also depends to a great extent on shared goals: both partners are looking to not get married, not upend their family life, and not settle down.

There are plenty of hostess clubs, “soaplands,” and other services for men who are seeking something else outside of their marriage. But in some respects targeting women has proved difficult.

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“She doesn’t want a life of celibacy—that’s not how she’s engineered either.”In a survey to be released on April 2, which targeted 75,000 users around the world (3, 500 in Japan), there are some interesting statistics.

First of all, Japanese women lead the world in their rush to have affairs, and, yes, 55 percent of Japanese women have an affair because they’re not having enough sex with their husband.

Japanese people, who typically follow Shinto and Buddhist religions, don’t have as strong a sense of guilt over sex as people in the West, who follow Judeo-Christian traditions, with their strong concept of sin.

The Kojiki, one of the classics of the Shinto religion, contains a remarkably bawdy interlude: The sun goddess is lured out of her cave another goddess performs an impromptu striptease before the other assembled deities and concludes by masturbating on stage.

They want to stir things up in the bedroom, not the courts.

So Ashley Madison expects continued high growth in the Japanese market.

The ratio of women to men on the site is about two to one, which shows that many of Japan’s desperate housewives are determined to be desperate no more.“There’s no doubt in an intelligent Japanese woman’s mind that her husband, who probably isn’t making love to her all that often, is somehow partaking in sexual encounters somewhere out there,” said Noel Biderman, the founder and CEO of Ashley Madison.

“And to her, in what is becoming a more equitable society, that seems like BS,” he told The Daily Beast.

It seems that Japanese people also don’t feel much guilt about their affairs: 8 percent of women and 19 percent of men throughout the world said in the survey that they felt bad about their adultery.

(Remember, the people surveyed have already signed up for a fling.) But in Japan, hey, the guilt quotient is only 8 percent for men and for women just 2 percent, or about a quarter of the world average.

The hoots and hollers and all the commotion bring the sun goddess out from the darkness, probably because she’s missing out on the fun.

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