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Your friends can be a valuable resource as rehearsal buddies for having 'The Talk'.

When we say friends we mean people you have actually met and formed a bond with and not someone you have only ever met on Facebook.

Unfortunately the survey only asked people who DID NOT have genital herpes. Asking 'What if' questions like this may not truly reflect on reality.

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You may want to try and wait till you think you can trust them because the less they know you, the more likely they are to tell others about your infection. Your partner may choose to have sex and then regret the decision in the morning.

There is also the fact that it may do more harm than good by leaving it to the very last moment.

The fact that many people are not very good at telling someone they have herpes may have contributed to the figure.

You may be surprised to hear that its all in the delivery.

For example, a calm and positive approach encourages a similar response, and vice versa.

The people you consider to be friends are considered so because you get along with them, trust them and can share your secrets with.According to the current statistics, almost 90 percent of individuals infected with herpes don’t know that they already got the illness.In view of the fact that mild herpes does not have signs or symptoms, unless the outburst comes out or you underwent a medical checkup, this will be the only time you’ll know that you have been infected with the herpes virus.There was a case in the UK where a man was sentenced to 14 months in prison but was later released on bail pending a review of the evidence presented.These are of course extreme cases but it is something to be aware of.In situations like this, most people choose to continue with the relationship. There was another survey where hundreds of people WITH genital herpes were asked what kind of responses they received when they told their partners.

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