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The first floppy disk advergames were developed to serve dual purposes—as promotional incentives that drive response and as media that deliver awareness.

American Home Foods Chef Boyardee, Coca-Cola, and Samsung brands issued the first-ever floppy-disk advergames.

Thus billboards, storefronts, posters, apparel, vehicles, weapons, fliers, sponsored product placement, and the interplay between the player and these elements in the game allow for a great degree of virtual advertisement.

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Some companies and organizations expressly commission video games to promote a product or service.

These games have been referred to as "advergames" (a portmanteau of "advertising" and "gaming") a term that was coined in January 2000 by Anthony Giallourakis, and later mentioned by Wired's "Jargon Watch" column in 2001.

Such examples include the use Sobe drink in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

For some players, digital games are one of their primary forms of media consumption.

have been proposed, advertising in video games normally falls into one of three categories which are derived from a historical categorization technique normally applied to traditional media.

These include both through-the-line (TTL) and below-the-line (BTL) marketing strategies.

With the growth of the internet, advergames have proliferated, often becoming the most visited aspect of brand websites and becoming an integrated part of brand media planning in an increasingly fractured media environment.

Advergames theoretically promote repeated traffic to websites and reinforce brands.

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