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In law the Definitive Map provides conclusive evidence of the existence of any Public Rights of Way shown on it. For enquiries pertaining to land transaction related matters or for any legally related enquiries, professional interpretation of the map is required and must be referred to the Definitive Map Office, Essex Highways, County Hall, Chelmsford.

On the Map of Public Rights of Way each path is identified on the map by a code number both for the parish and the path. This code number can be seen by clicking on the path.

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If you have any comments about this path, please quote this code when contacting Essex Highways to enable the Public Rights of Way team to deal with your query more easily.

You can either use the zoom in/out function to find a specific area of interest or use the search facility.

The extent of these photos includes all municipalities including the County of Essex, City of Windsor, Point Pelee National Park, and may include Pelee Island.

Generally, these photos are available for viewing for free through the digital interactive mapping portals available from various municipalities.

You can check on who can use the different paths on the map by clicking on the ' Asset' Category on the left hand menu.

You can enable additional map categories by selecting the corresponding tick box. For mobile use the map is best viewed in landscape.Salt marshes and submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), such as eelgrass, provide nurseries, shelter and feeding grounds for wildlife.This shallow tidal water system is also a playground for recreational activities, such as boating.Step 1: Launch the Map Click the link below and select “Public”, then click the “Launch Map Viewer” button. Step 2: Find your area of interest by zooming in on the map By default you will be able to see whether you are in ERCA’s Limit of Regulated Area.This is an interactive Map of Public Rights of Way and is for general purposes only.

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