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While model Daisy, 22, looked sunkissed and stylish in a knotted yellow vest and blue and white striped skirt, Matt opted for a baggy vest top which displayed a pair of decidedly scrawny, pale white arms.

A mother-of-two says a painful condition that has made her leg swell up to three times its original size has robbed her of her love life.

Lisanne Casalinuovo said it has also left her bedridden at times and avoids dating because she's too self-conscious of her huge limb.

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This has emphasised the familial relationship referred to as ‘’, which roughly translates as adoptive/foster parent or sibling.

Thoa is a relationship closer than friends but not as close as blood relations.

Everyone is expected to support, care for and show respect towards their elders.

Individuals also have a responsibility to help maintain the reputation of their family, as families have a collective face.

For example, if extended families live together, it is often due to financial reasons.

Each person generally has certain lifelong expectations, roles and responsibilities towards their other family members.

running their family business or taking care of the household), the responsibility often falls on the youngest daughter to pause her studies in order to take on this role.

Due to the large number of deaths during the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia continues to have many orphans, widows and single-parent families.

Lisanne has now started a campaign, which she hopes will help her with the costs of the compression supplies and any other medical bills.

She said: 'I hope that my leg will go down to normal.

I want to go back to doing the things around my house without having to look at it as a chore and looking at it as a joy again like I used to.'I would love to be healthy enough to be able to speak about it publicly so other people know upfront what to do when it first happens. The minute you see your leg swelling run to someone who knows what they are doing.'The word lymphedema needs to be out there a lot more then it is.'To donate to Lisanne's cause visit here.

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