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A Rochester man is offering a 0 reward for the return of at least the rack of a stolen deer head.

A Facebook post by Scott Ohm says someone stole the deer head he had waiting for him at Burt's Meats in Eyota on Friday between five and six p.m.

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It's all part of a continued effort to keep Rochester clean from a well known nuisance.

That's why every night two teams from Rochester Parks and Rec's Forestry and Maintenance Division go around town to try and scare them off.

“I just knew that they were both African American, and the driver, uh, appeared to me that he appeared to match the, uh, physical description of the one of our suspects from the strong arm robbery, gunpoint,” Yanez said in the interview.

“Um, it was a [sigh], I can’t remember the height, weight but I remember that it was, the male had dreadlocks around shoulder length,” Yanez said.

An evening of awareness in Stewartville, to teach community members just what to look out for with drugs and addiction.

It was an opportunity to bring people together, and get them working to better their area.

From the beginning, members of this organization worked on humanitarian projects for the good of all people.

As part of this work, the local Eagles club began the Eagles Cancer Telethon in 1954.

There was a lot of focus on encouraging parents to open up with their kids and have conversations about what's going on, especially pertaining to drug use.

If you've been around downtown Rochester in the past few weeks during the evening hours, you might have noticed some jarring noises.

The Johnson County Attorney's office said Thursday that 47-year-old Chad Cermak has been charged with third-degree harassment.

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