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Village business and property owners alike are vehemently opposed to being taxed for services they think the city should already be providing more of.On the other side of the coin, the Carmichael Improvement District, the official name for the Fair Oaks Boulevard PBID approved by voters in 2016, is reaping the benefits of having the funds in place to pay for private trash, street cleaning and security services.Three quarters of our income is allocated in this way.

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He’s always been supported by Arsenal through Arsenal in the Community and The Arsenal Foundation, but now he can actually experience a match with me.

I used to come to Highbury with my dad and I’ve never been able to do that with my son because autism put up a real barrier for us, but now I can.” The new sensory room is credit to the Shippey Campaign, which was created by the parents of three children with Autism.

Phase I covered the stretch of the boulevard running from Rusch Park to Sylvan Corners.

Phase II, which remains unfunded, will address the boulevard from roughly Grand Oaks Boulevard to Whyte Avenue.

The concept of a PBID for the area is likely to be the group’s most effective move toward obtaining desired improvements for their stretch of Auburn Boulevard, which is dotted with vacancies, aging signage and a growing homelessness issue, among others.

Photo by Paul Scholl Citrus Heights, CA (MPG) - The Auburn Boulevard Business Association (ABBA) is considering forming a Public Business Improvement District or PBID as a way to generate funding for desired improvements along the business corridor stretching from Sylvan Corners to Interstate 80.

The new facility, which contains a range of sensory tools and games, will give our fans with profound special needs the opportunity to enjoy matches with their families and carers at Emirates Stadium - in some cases for the first time.

This was the case for seven year old Reggie from Camden – who was able to come to his first ever Arsenal game on Monday evening with his mum Carly. I’ve never been able to take Reggie to a match before.

As you can imagine, many business and property owners feel they shouldn’t have to pay for something they already are paying for.

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