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Daimon responds that there are three people in the world: S for sadists, M for masochists, and N for quizzists.

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Numerous free anime dating simulation games litter the Internet.

Although some require a download, you can play most of them directly from your browser.

However, Daimon thinks if Quettion knew about his other persona, she would not love him anymore.

Bossun yells and cusses at him for his cowardice despite the traditions.

He explains that the bag for boys is for girls and unsorted, the bag for girls is for boys and unsorted, and the unsorted bag is for boys and girls.

Making the Enigman sweat, Bossun states that the contents of the unsorted must be open which decides everything.He gloats about how their record is 10 wins this year.Yet, Bossun and Hime turn their back on Daimon with no interest, and Hime insults him for his looks.Bossun answers bath because baths in Japan are heated by fires in the old days. Hime praises Bossun as a god much to Bossun's annoyance.When Bossun asks Switch about these cliche puns, he glances at Switch's book of riddles. Suddenly, a voice appears and explains that Hime's Pelorin doll has been locked in the mystery box.After the cheer, a herd of pigs comes in and he explains the situation.

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