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Nao convinces the buff former soccer champ to join his eating circle by telling him it’s full of cute girls. Looks like the only upperclassman Hinata’s got a chance with is the annoyingly persistent Nao himself!Just before their high school graduation, Hajime lost his virginity to his best friend Hanatarou.Iz • mocchie • Moibee • Nagashin • Nawa • Niewals • Ninoue Kasuka • Nintendo Special Big Band • Noma • Onitan • Pei • Professor Sakamoto • R.

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Honey8-page short story about a student trying to hide his secret crush from his overly affectionate best friend. they are not bad by any means but just nothing special and not memorable. LOL the main story, souma-masayoshi, really turned out untypical x DSOUMA IS SUCH A PERSONALITY! so it just fizzled out.story 7 is mostly sad for me; lost opportunity because of not speaking one's mind, and then...

yeah, that was rest of the stories are pleasant enough for oneshots. I LOVE this manga ^^ it's so cute and really funny haha!

However, his grandfather was conned to debt by a yakuza, whose group would then harass them. Facing such a frivolous lover, Yoshinaga needs to use all ways to tame Takao. Vocalist Shori and guitarist Nozomu are engulfed in a passionate love affair when they should be studying for their college entrance exams. Even worse, drummer Yumeji seems to be involved in a mysterious incident!

One day, when Ryotatsu went to the yakuza’s office to deliver takeaways, Ryotatsu met his high school kouhai. The story of boss, Takehisa, and the chef, Yuuichi, from Ubawareru.

The other one tends to get attached to his girlfriends so much that he always gets dumped in the end.

Otou works as a host in a host club in the country.

The whole series runs throughout a school year of Tenma and her friends, classmates, her sister Yakumo, and Yakumo’s friends/classmates.

Harima is the other protagonist who’s in love with Tenma.

Anri's insecurities and jealousy grows everyday. Will these two survive their troubles, or is it time to call it quits? Reversal of Love Talk - Satoshi Story Continuation of chapter 3, except it is told from Satoshi's POV. But Yukihiro has no intention of letting Shuuto avoid him forever...7. But none of these stories would have worked serialized anyway, story that starts in the beginning of the book (most specifically the 1st story) wa great and unique (as others have mentioned) but the rest were your typical type of stories with your typical set of characters. The Art is very cute, and you got this fresh kinda feeling from it. Easy read, would recommend.i most enjoyed the first story, because it is longer, and because it can therefore take its time to have the relationship develop.

Passion Recycle 8-page short story about a sexually molesting shop owner and the employee who puts up with it.8. The first story was awesome -- it was different from your typical yaoi formula so i would recommend reading this just for the cover other stories followed your typical yaoi storyline. Last updated on August 7th, 2012, pm I wish the main story could´ve been longer, felt like it was cut off right in the middle. I liked the main story the most, but the other oneshots weren´t bad either. We'll definitely get married.""He's angry that my love injection failed.""Sexual urges..... also, i'm happy that masayoshi didn't go for souma when he was still in middle school; yay for controlling one's urges.story 2 didn't really do it for me; i never figured out exactly what the problem was, why satoshi had cooled off.

He is the most linked guy being he’s a ‘shy delinquent’ who can hardly be direct with his feelings except with Yakumo and he’s often in a questionable situation to which he gets caught most often by Tenma even that makes it more difficult for him to confess. XD; Someone on Twitter tagged me about Justice4Harima.

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