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Activities are listed on the Soap Lake for Localsl website.

The chapter meets the second Saturday of the month at the Soap Lake Senior Center starting at 11 am; after lunch is a short hike.

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“The goal of Grant County District Court is to ensure equal access to justice for all, provide effective and timely resolution of legal matters, and assure dignified and fair treatment for all, while promoting respect for, and the independence of, the judiciary. The Court is empowered to hear all traffic cases, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and preliminary hearings in felony cases.

Civil jurisdiction is concurrent with Superior Court and extends to cases in which the amount in controversy does not exceed $100,000 exclusive of interest and costs.

Moved to pay $1000 to NW Weekend Getaways for 2013 Eastern Washington Vac Planner Ad.

(M/S Jim P/ Mark A) passed Note 50,000 travel guides printed - CCC received 17,000.

The services we provide are consistent with Washington State’s “Courts of Limited Jurisdiction.” Grant County has one countywide District Court, in two locations.

The judicial operation of District Court is the sole responsibility of the three District Court Judges and one full-time Court Commissioner.

District Court hears small claims where the amount in controversy does not exceed ,000.

The District Court does not have jurisdiction in cases involving the title to real estate and certain other limited exceptions.

Second hearing will be held on the outsourcing the police department work.

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